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Classification of plate heat exchanger
 Brazing of copper plate heat exchanger
 Nickel brazing plate heat exchanger
 Removable plate heat exchanger
 Half a welded plate heat exchanger
 Plate heat exchanger plate/Gasket
 Application of plate heat exchanger system flow chart
 So the heat exchange unit heat recovery system
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   Wuxi lehman heat exchange equipment co., LTD., founded in2012Years9Month,By a number of plate heat exchanger industry insiders,In order to“Resource integration,Complementary cooperation,Pooling advantages,Improve the market competitiveness,Achieve rapid common development”As the goal,A joint venture founded company。The main products:Brazing of copper plate heat exchanger、Nickel brazing plate heat exchanger、Detachable plate heat exchanger、Half and welded plate heat exchanger。 Products with stable quality、Quick specialized service obtained the customer high praise。Can be customized waste heat recovery heat exchange system,Reduce the operating costs of customers;At the same time using the plate heat exchanger channels can provide other brands products and accessories。
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Brazing process of plate heat exchanger and selection process
It also has disadvantages,Soldering heat exchanger can't apart to clean,Unable to repair,A slightly higher price。Welded plate heat exchanger can choose according to different parameters are not...
Plate heat exchanger fouling reason and solution
The electrochemical corrosion maintenance of plate heat exchanger
The type of welded plate heat exchanger
Welded plate heat exchanger can be applied in the workplace
Plate heat exchanger cleaning requirements
The difference between the welded plate heat exchanger and plate heat exchanger
There is why the leakage problem of plate heat exchanger
The composition and function of the plate heat exchanger
The basic working principle of plate heat exchanger
How to reduce the thermal resistance changing heat exchanger structure
Welded plate heat exchanger to choose which
Welded plate heat exchanger technology parameters
Copper brazing technology is introduced
The basic structure of titanium plate heat exchanger
Reduce the resistance method of the heat exchanger
The performance characteristics of jacketed heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger plays an important role in the refrigeration industry
Plate heat exchanger is a series of has the shape of corrugated metal piled up and become a new type of heat exchanger。With high thermal efficiency、Heat loss is small、Structure is compact and lightweight、Cover an area of an area small、Ann...
What is the heat exchanger?What are the classification?
Basic knowledge of the heat exchanger heat transfer:Refers to the cold heat to heat transfer between two objects,Is the process of heat transfer。Heat transfer purpose:A:Heating or cooling、Vaporization、Condensation in order to keep production process required...
Customer case
Water decanter Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks Planing machine PAMDosing device Waste heat recovery unit Finned tube heat exchanger The spiral plate heat exchanger Rotating drill Alfa laval detachable plate heat exchanger Marine heat exchanger Clean the shed Mechanical stirrer Automatic filter The whole machine Pressure drying tower Vacuum heat treatment Scanning electron microscopy (sem) Plasma power supply The integration of water purifier Food cooling tower Sand and water separator Centrifugal fan The nylon rods Mixing machine The test bench Clean workshop Fully automatic pipe bending machine Stainless steel reaction kettle Microcomputer integrated protection device Gas measurement instruments Multiple effect evaporator Optical fiber temperature measurement Network information 
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The main products have:Welded plate heat exchanger、Detachable plate heat exchanger、Half a welded plate heat exchanger、Domestic plate heat exchanger plate and gasket
The company about the plate heat exchanger product introduction information on data references in the following books:
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